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Hope you all are doing well. Having long, healthy and beautiful hair is every girls dream. In order to achieve it, taking extra care of hair and using good hair care products is very important. A few weeks ago, I got the chance to try out this new Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil by Haircare. The oil claims to nourish the scalp, make hair stronger and shinier, control hair fall and fight against dandruff. After testing it for some time, I am reviewing it on the blog today. So let's get to the review to find out what do I think about Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil...

Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil
Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil
Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil
Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil
Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil is 100% organic. This oil is made up of finest herbs including Moringa, Acacia, Frungreek, Olive oil and other natural herbs. I prefer organic skin care products and hair oils so I was really intrigued to try it out.

Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa hair oil comes in a plastic bottle and also comes with a root comb applicator. The comb applicator can be fixed on top of bottle which makes the application of oil very easy. The root comb dispenses the right amount of oil that reaches the hair roots directly as you comb it through your hair. I find this root comb applicator idea very convenient as I don't need to massage my hair with hands anymore and it applies the oil easily and quickly.

Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa hair oil is thin in consistency unlike other hair oils. It has a strong smell which is not unpleasant but overpowering for sure. The oil is easy to apply and easy to wash. Since I have used it for a while only, I cannot yet tell if it actually controls hair fall or helps with hair growth. But I do feel that it leaves the hair feeling soft and makes them frizz-free. It also adds shine to the hair which is noticeable after first use. It doesn't weigh the hair down which is another plus.
Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil
All in all, Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil has pleasantly surprised me. Other than its strong scent, I like everything about this oil. This oil actually nourishes the hair and scalp, makes hair shinier and results in healthier hair. The root comb applicator makes the oil application easy and mess free. If you are looking for a good hair oil, I definitely recommend you to try Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil...

The Goods:
  • Made up of several fine herbs
  • Convenient root comb applicator
  • Nourishes hair and scalp
  • Doesn't weight down hair
  • Makes hair smooth and manageable
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Easy to wash off
The Bads
  • Has a strong, over-powering scent

Price & AvailabilityKeshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil (120ml) is available online at SkinCare Website for Rs 295/- only.
Also available online at Just4Girls and for Rs 300.

Overall Rating: 4.7/5...!!!

Have you tried Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa Hair Oil...? What do you think about this...??? Don't forget to leave your comments...

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  1. This is so good! I have been using it for past couple of weeks and it leaves my hair so soft!

    1. Same here. Love how it leaves my feeling soft and manageable.

  2. I've been using this too and I love the way the bottle works! :)

    1. Same here. Love the idea of comb dispenser.

  3. Kya koi bta skta hai k ye hair fall control krta hai ya ni??? Or volume increase krta hai balon ka??

    1. Honestly speaking no product completely controls hair fall but it does promote hair growth and increases volume somehow.


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