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Hey pretties,

Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the holiday season. As 2017 is reaching its end, I have decided to share some of my favorite makeup and beauty products of this year. So here I am, sharing with you all, my Makeup And Beauty Favorites of 2017. Keeping the favorites list precise, I will be sharing just 1 product that made it to my favorites list from each category. So let's quickly get to the post to see which products made it to my Makeup & Beauty Favorites of 2017 list.

Starting with my favorite eye product of the year. Without any doubt, Sigma Beauty Nightlife Eye Shadow Palette has been my favorite eye palette of the year. I have created several looks using this palette and really love the color selection and pigmentation of this palette. You can read my detailed review on the palette here.
Favorite Eyes Product of 2017
I tried many new foundations this year and have been loving few of them quite a lot. However, as they are still in testing phase, they didn't make it to my favorites list of this year. So the product that made it to the top in this category is "Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Illuminating Fixing Spray". This product is surely amazing. It gives such a nice, soft finish to my look and makes my makeup last much longer.
Favorite Face Product of 2017
In the blusher category, my most used and favorite product of 2017 is "Freedom Makeup London Pro Blush Palette - Peach and Baked". I love the blusher shades in this palette and have been wearing them quite a lot. I have yet to review the palette on the blog. I will be sharing more details in my review soon.
Favorite Blusher of 2017
Once again, Makeup Revolution makes it to my top list with its "Ultra Pro Glow Palette". If you have been following me on Instagram, you would already know how much I adore this palette. I can undoubtedly say, I have used this palette quite a lot this year. From subtle day time look, to a full on glam look, this palette has been my favorite for all occasions. You can read my detailed review on the palette here.
Favorite Highlighter of 2017
Selecting one lip product from 2017 was the hardest for me. I tried many new lip colors this year and loved most of them. Mostly, I had been in love with different liquid lipsticks in 2017. However, "Masarrat Misbah Makeup Lip Varnishes" revived my love for regular (bullet) lipsticks.  These lipsticks are Halal, have great pigmentation and good staying power. I have been wearing MM Makeup Lip Varnish shade "MM Orange" quite a lot since I got it. It's a kind of shade that instantly brightens up the face. I like to lightly dab it on my lips and it looks just perfect then. You can read my detailed review on MM Lip Varnishes here.
Favorite Lip Product of 2017
Makeup Brushes/Tools:
My favorite in this category has to be "Sigma Beauty Nightlife Brush Set". I fell in love with the brushes in this set, the moment I saw them. The set contains some of the best-selling brushes by Sigma Beauty with glittery handles. The pretty glittery handles with soft yet amazing quality bristles make these brushes stand out for sure. This set has surely been my most-used brush set of the year and I totally love it.
Favorite Brush Set of 2017
Favorite Brush Set of 2017
Skin Care:
Talking about skin care, I can say "L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox & Brighten Charcoal Mask" is one of the best skin care products I tried this year. It deeply cleanses the skin, reduces blackheads and kind of brightens the face too which makes it a winner.
Favorite Skin Care Product of 2017
So these were my 2017 makeup & beauty favorites. I hope you like the list and would have found some of your favorites in this list too.

I am truly very grateful to Allah for all the joy, success and blessings that Allah blessed me with in 2017.

I would like thank all my lovely readers, friends and fellow bloggers for their love and encouragement throughout 2017. A huge thanks to all the brands and companies I am working with or am affiliated with, for liking my work and for their continuous support.

Wishing you all an amazing and prosperous 2018...!!!

What were your favorite makeup & beauty products of this year...??? Don't forget to leave your comments...

The Lipstickholic

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and also contains some products that were sent to me for review purpose. However, this has not affected my opinion. For further information read my complete Disclaimer and PR Policy.

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  1. The Nightlife collection really caught my eye when it was launched :) The brush selection is pretty god for a kit.

    1. It sure is one of the best collections by Sigma Beauty :)

  2. Love all the picks Huda! MM lip varnishes and l'oreal charcoal mask made it to my favorites as well!
    Wish you a happy new year, may this bring you more success, happiness and love!

    1. MM Lip Varnishes have really amazed me with their good texture and pigmentation. L'Oreal charcoal mask is another gem that I will repurchase for sure.
      Thank you so much for the lovely wishes and ameen. Stay blessed and wish you a wonderful year too :)

  3. Amazing blog really love ❤ it ur all favourite products are superb

  4. L'Oreal masks and Sigma products are no doubt best and i loved them as well. I have yet to try Freedom products.

    1. I have only try one freedom product so far and it made it to my favorites. Surely wanna try more of Freedom London products now.

  5. I live massarat mosbah lip varnishes too. I am curious about the loreal masks, might try them next year

    1. Do give these L'Oreal masks a try. Am sure you will love these too :)

  6. Thanks for doing these , it's a great summary of some really good products! :D

    1. My pleasure and I am glad you liked the post.


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