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Eid is all about colors, mehndi, accessories, getting ready and having fun with friends and family. In Pakistan, Eid is considered a festival for women & children. All the ladies do something extra to look beautiful on Eid days. That is why, Unilever Pakistan launched a new YouTube Channel, "Meri Eid Ki Look" to help all the ladies look beautiful this Eid.

Meri Eid Ki Look
As Eid-ul-fitr approached us this year, everyone could not just stop talking about what their Eid look would be all about. Me and my friends were also excited to decide, plan and share our Eid Looks.
Eid was expected to be much warmer this year in Pakistan. All the girls including me were concerned about staying fresh all day long on Eid days in this scorching hot weather. The YouTube channel, “Meri Eid Ki Look” helped all the ladies to look their best this Eid with some fun and easy looks, tutorials, tips and tricks for the perfect Eid look
The channel featured different Eid make-up looks and hairdos which were super easy to do. The looks were summer appropriate yet perfect for occasion like Eid. Not only this, the channel also featured some skin care tips and DIY scrub to look fresh and glowing on Eid.

In the videos featured for Eid, we saw three “must-have” products for every girl:
-    Fair n lovely BB Cream, for an even tone and flawless finish
-    Sunsilk black shine shampoo and conditioner , for amazingly smooth and shinny hairs
-    Lux Soap for its amazing fragrances and skin nourishing properties

The three looks were brilliantly crafted for those who have lots of chores on Eid. The step by step tutorials, made the looks more easier and fun. Even, I learned many tricks from the videos and was finally able to finalize my Eid look.

The perky and cute Anoushay Ashraf did a magnificent job describing each look. I loved her cute expressions and the way she explained each look and made it look fun and easy. My personal favorite look was neutral eyes with bright lips for Eid Day 1.

I recommend you all to check out the YouTube channel "Meri Eid Ki Look" and do subscribe to it. You will surely enjoy the looks and tips shared in the videos that are perfect for the season.

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