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Hope your week is off to a great start. These days, a lot of brands are coming up with their hair oil treatments for soft and shiny hair. Keune, being one of the leading hair care brands also launched its Care Line Satin Oil for incredible silky soft and shiny hair. I have been using this oil regularly for past couple of weeks and now is the perfect time to share my thoughts on it. So let's get to the review to see what do I have to say about this new Keune Care Line Satin Oil...

Keune Care Line Satin Oil
Keune Care Line Satin Oil
Keune Care Line Satin Oil
Keune Care Line Satin Oil
Keune Care Line Satin Oil comes in a 95ml transparent glass bottle. The one that I am reviewing is for "Coarse Hair". There is another one available for "Fine to Normal Hair". The bottle comes with pump which helps in dispensing just the right amount of oil. The instructions to use this oil are written on the packaging.

This oil has many uses. It improves the texture and condition of hair, works as heat protectant, helps tame frizz and adds shine to the hair. It is best to apply this oil in damp hair after washing the hair. It can also be applied on dry hair before using any heating tool or for styling the hair. You can also mix it in Keune Satin Line Conditioner to get even shinier hair.

My hair are very fine and slightly frizzy. For those with extremely dry and rough hair, I recommend using Keune Care Line Satin Oil with the Care Line Shampoo and Conditioner (read review here). I have been using this Keune Satin Oil for past few weeks and I can surely say there is improvement in condition of my hair. This oil leaves my hair very soft, manageable and shiny. It doesn't feel heavy, greasy and doesn't weight down the hair. I am not sure if it has made my hair any healthier though but it surely makes them soft, shiny and smooth. I definitely recommend you all to add Keune Care Line Satin Oil to your hair care regimen.

The Goods:
  • Makes the hair soft, smooth and manageable
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Helps tame frizz
  • Feels light-weight
  • Can be used as heat protectant
  • Doesn't weigh down hair
  • Improves texture of hair
  • Bottle has pump
The Bads:
  • Price is a bit steep

Price & Availability: Keune Care Line Satin Oil is available at Keune retailers nationwide for Rs 1525/- for 95ml bottle.
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Overall Rating: 5/5...!!!

Have you tried Keune Care Line Satin Oil...? What do you think about this...??? Don't forget to leave your comments...

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  1. I agree with your review and i think it is worth its price.

  2. I am using this Satin Oil and trust me I like the results :) Nice and detailed review as ever dear!

  3. I truly in love with Keune hair care products, they are amazing better than any high end brand.

    Nice review :)

  4. So its like a dry oil which does not leave your hair greasy?
    I would love to get it now, in winter my hair become so frizzy and wool sweater and shawls make them even more funny, you know what I mean :p

    1. It's not really dry but doesn't feel greasy like other oils. It just absorbs into the hair and make them feel soft n look shiny. Ahh the winter hair issues. My hair become super static because of woolen shawls and sweaters. This helps deal with that too :)

  5. i hope it doesn't have mineral oil in it. Because somehow they don't my hair. nice review.

    1. Thanks Madeeha. It contains Monoi oil, Papaya Seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Maracuja oil and Yangu oil :)

  6. I really wonder and wanna try!:)

  7. I haven't used any cosmetic oils on my hair. This sounds like a neat product.

  8. If it actually shows results, i think the price is justified. Great review

  9. Yes, this product is very expensive but it sounds very good.


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