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Hope your week is off to a super great start. Today I sharing one of the most awaited reviews. I am sharing my experience with MAYA Cosmetics Halal Water/Oxygen Permeable Nail Lacquers. Maya Cosmetics claim these nail lacquers to be halal and wudu-friendly which is something that would appeal every Muslimah. That is why, I was intrigued to try these out. I got these nail lacquers last month and have been testing these carefully so I can share my thoughts on these with you all. So let's get to the detailed review and see what do I have to say about these MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquers....

MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquers
MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquers
MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquers
MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquers
What MAYA Cosmetics Claim:

MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquers are HALAL certified and they have various certifications for their nail lacquers. Certifications can be provided upon request. The company claims the following:

- MAYA Cosmetics nail lacquers have been tested and accredited by various health specialists as being healthier than other standard nail polishes.
- Have been verified by PETA as being animal-free and vegan-friendly.
- Have been certified by multiple scholars to be wudu-friendly, including:
  •         Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia (Chicago)
  •         Maulana Musa Sugapong (Cleveland)
  •         Mufti Hisham Dawood (Chicago)
- Have been verified as 100% Halal.
 MAYA Cosmetics Certifications
My Experience:

I got two shades of MAYA Nail Lacquers, "Ruman" and "Pepto Pink" along with their "Glossy Top Coat". The nail lacquers are richly pigmented. They have thin and runny consistency. 1-2 coats of the nail lacquers provide perfect, opaque coverage. Top coat provides a really nice shine to the nail color and makes the nail color last longer. The staying power of these nail lacquers surprised me the most. They lasted on my nails for almost one week or more which is really amazing. I noticed slight chipping after about 5 days which is not at all bad. If you have been following me on snapchat "@Lipstickholics", you would have seen my updates on these nail lacquers. Overall, the pigmentation and staying power of these nail lacquers is really good.
MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquers Swatches
Now talking about the Water/Oxygen Permeability of these nail lacquers. The directions to do wudu/ablution with these nail lacquers is mentioned on the package.

- Apply one layer of MAYA Nail Lacquer and/or a layer of MAYA top coat.
- Let it dry.
- Each time you perform wudu, run nails under water and rub the nails gently for ten seconds.

The brand has provided their certifications and other details on the website which state the nail lacquers are surely wudu-friendly and water permeable. However I still wanted to confirm this myself and conducted water permeability test myself as following:

1- I applied 1 layer of MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquers on a tissue paper, one with and one without the top coat.
2- I placed another tissue paper below the tissue paper on which I applied the nail lacquers. This dry tissue paper is shown in water permeability test picture 1.
3- I poured drop of water on the nail lacquers on tissue paper as shown in water permeability test picture 2. At first the drop seemed like floating on the surface.
4- As mentioned on the package and website, I rubbed the drop carefully for 10 seconds on the nail lacquers on tissue paper.
5- The water passed the nail lacquers upon rubbing for 10-12 seconds.
6- I lifted the tissue paper to see the tissue paper below and it was wet showing the water has actually passed through the nail lacquer layer. The dry tissue paper has now wet spots that can be seen in water permeability test picture 3.
Water Permeability Test (Dry tissue below the tissues on which nail lacquers are applied)
Water Permeability Test (Applied MAYA Nail Lacquers on a tissue paper placed above the dry tissue paper)
Water Permeability Test (The tissue shown in first picture is now wet showing water has passed through nail lacquers)
I repeated this test carefully a couple of times to be sure of the results and each time the water passed through the nail lacquers upon rubbing for 10-12 seconds. The test conducted by MAYA Cosmetics is also clearly shown and demonstrated in a video on MAYA Cosmetics Website and Facebook Page. You can check the video below or here on Facebook.

To sum it up, I would say MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquers have lived up to my expectation. As per the certifications provided and the tests conducted, they have proven to be water/oxygen permeable which makes them wudu-friendly, if used according to the directions mentioned. These nail lacquers are HALAL Certified and Vegan. The pigmentation and staying power of these nail lacquers is really good too. In my opinion, these nail lacquers surely are worth the price and something every Muslimmah needs.

The Goods:
  • Vegan
  • Halal Certified
  • Water/Oxygen Permeable
  • Wudu-friendly nail lacquers
  • Good Pigmentation
  • Great Staying Power
The Bads:
  • Currently not available in Pakistan locally

Price & Availability: MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquers are available at Maya Cosmetics Website for $13.99 each. They ship worldwide.

Do join MAYA Cosmetics on Facebook for further details and updated. You can contact them on the page for certifications, delivery in Pakistan and other queries.

Overall Rating: 4.7/5...!!!

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  1. This is such a great thing!! I love wearing nail paints but ablution is the only reason I don't. Thank you for introducing this!

    1. Am so glad to have found these nail lacquers and glad I could spread the word too. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. this is not similar to having nail polish in nails. Tossues have different consistency and are more absorbent. It would hv been comparable had u tried it on egg shell.

    1. Hi Hina, the test has also be performed on Paper sheets. We wanted to test if the water passes through the nail color or not? Not through the nails itself so the material of nails has nothing to do with it. Hope you are getting the point :)

  3. Well, they sound very nice and useful. Thanks for the nice review. :)

  4. I really love wearing nail polish but can't do it so often. But this seems really interesting. I think Inglot has also come up with same sort of product. But this is too good because of halal certification. Great review.

    1. Thanks Shumail. I haven't tried and tested the Inglot breathable nail colors myself yet but these really have proven to be good.

  5. Great post. Glad you run this test. And the results are very noticeable. Thumbs up for that.

  6. I must say its great beauty products for nail paint lover, but still as i am not into nail paint and quite "Vehmi" so ....:(
    I really appreciate your efforts, for testing and giving a sign for true nail paint lover. Great post, Great effort.

    Hugs <3

  7. Can you guys do the test with regular nail polish to serve as a control? Normal polish lets water through a tissue as well, so these halal tests don't prove anything

    1. Hi, most of regular nail polish are thick and they fail the test. But will surely do another test for comparison picture :)


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