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Hey beauties,

Hope you are doing great. Today am reviewing three new 24 hours active deodorants by Olor. When it comes to deos or fragrances I stick to particular brands and this is the first time I have tried deodorants by the brand, Olor. Read full review to find out what I have to say about these new deodorants by Olor.

Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorants
Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorants
Olor deodorants come in metallic packaging with plastic caps. The packaging is cute and the size of each bottle is perfect to fit in your bag/purse. These Olor deodorants have unique combinations that are different than the usual deos or scents in my collection. Let me briefly tell you about each deodorant individually.
 Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorant - Glamorous Gold
Glamorous Gold:
This has a pretty strong scent that contains notes of Lilac & Amber. I am not a fan of musks but surprisingly I like it probably because of the strong scent of lilac in it. The combination is really nice, strong and something that I would use in fall/winters.
 Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorant - Vibrant Violet
Vibrant violent:
This smells lightest of all three deodorants. It has iris & black current notes and smells sweet. Overall, a nice feminine scent that screams spring/summers.
 Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorant - Rosy Raspberry
Rosy Raspberry:
This one contains Raspberry and Vanilla notes and is my favorite among all three deodorants. The combination is just perfect for me and is more of floral, fruity and refreshing scent. It is not too strong, not too light rather somewhere between. This is again a spring/summer appropriate scent and I love it.

The staying power of these deodorants is pretty nice too. They last on me easily till the end of the day and leave behind a mild scent that keeps lingering for about a day or more. Overall, I think these deodorants are great for the price. Something you should keep in your bag/purse along with you to stay fresh.

The Goods:
  • Available in variety of combinations
  • Good lasting power
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easily available
The Bads:
  • Have strong scent that can be overwhelming

Price & Availability: Olors deodorants are available at leading stores nationwide for Rs 195/- each. Also available online at Just4Girls.

Overall Rating: 4.7/5...!!!

Have you tried Olor new 24 hours active deodorants...??? What do you think of these...??? Don't forget to leave your comments...

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Disclaimer: This post contains product(s) that were sent to me for review purpose. However, this has not affected my opinion. My review is honest and is based on my own experience with the product(s) or company's service(s). For further information read my complete Disclaimer & PR Policy.

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  1. nice honest post huda.....i always hunt longlasting deodorants and perfumes great review thx for sharing

  2. Wow! They sound nice especially when on the go.

  3. Nice review. I haven't tried this brand. Very economical and packaging looks good.

    1. You should give this brand a try. Am sure you will like these too :)

  4. They sound yummy! will try if get the chance! :)

    1. I hope you get to sniff these soon. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Using them and loving them lately! Agree to all your points. Great review!

  6. I am in love with these deos

  7. The packaging is super pretty. I'm using them these days and I love Glamorous Gold and Vibrant Violet the most.



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