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Hey beauties,

Hope you all are enjoying your days. Every girl loves jewellery and so do I. One of my favorite online stores for getting jewellery is Born Pretty Store. Their Jewellery & Accessories collection is simply amazing yet affordable. Last month I got some more classy jewellery items from BPS Fashion. Let's get to the post to have a closer look at the things I got this time...

Classy jewellery from Born Pretty Store
Stylish Leather String Necklace ($2.73)
Stylish Leather String Necklace ($2.73)
This time I got this beautiful leather string irregular geometric pattern necklace. It is so beautiful and I can already tell you am in love with it. It reminds me of old Egyptian jewellery. The black and antique gold combination is awesome. I will be featuring this in my looks and will be wearing this at different occasions quite a lot.
 Elegant Rhinestone Bracelet ($3.61)
Then comes this silver rhinestones bracelet. This is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for occasions where you want to add some bling to your look. The color of bracelet hasn't faded so far which is a huge plus. I like it a lot.
Crown Tip Finger Knuckle Ring ($2.16)
Another of my favorite pieces. I had been wanting to buy a similar knuckle ring and luckily found it at Born Pretty Store Fashion & Accessories. Its a unique addition to my jewellery collection. It looks so classy when worn and I really love it.
Red Lips Ear Studs ($0.99)
And lastly I got these cute looking red lips ear studs. I am so in love with these. These are exactly what a LIPSTICKHOLIC needs. I love pairing these with my Red Lips Ring that I got from Born Pretty Store. Another cute and unique addition to be jewellery collection.
Wearing Leather String Necklace and Crown Tip Finger Knuckle Ring from Born Pretty Store
Overall, I love all the items that I got this time.  I am so in love with the  Leather String Necklace and Crown Tip Finger Knuckle Ring. The red lips ear studs are really cute too. The quality of jewellery is really nice. I didn't experience any breakage or color fading with these. If you haven't checked out Born Pretty Store yet then you should definitely visit the site now. Am sure you will love their collection.

Price & Availability: These jewellery items are available at Born Pretty Store under their Jewelry & Accessories section. Prices are mentioned in the post.

Use code "EEDT10" at checkout to get 10% off your purchase at Born Pretty Store.
(This discount code is not applicable to discounted/sale items)

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  1. The statement necklace is so pretty <3
    Amazing jewelry

    Diaries of a hidden Fashionista

  2. Great picks huda ! I am in love with the necklace. You look super adorable

  3. Wow!! I love it, You look beautiful :)

  4. You got some lovely jewelry pieces and looking so pretty MA :)

  5. Wow love your selection of jewelry. I like your necklace most. And you looking beautiful MashaAllah. Wanna know the lipstick shade that you are wearing in the pic.

    1. Thanks dear. The lipstick shade is "Warm Passion" by diana of london 2000 kisses lipstick. I absolutely love this shade. Its looking peachy here in the picture tho. Probably because of the lighting

  6. You look amazing. Love the post x


  7. Cutie! Love the necklace! x

  8. These jewelry pieces are so beautiful, lovely haul dear:)

  9. That necklace looks so pretty on you :)

  10. Lovely picks, everyone reviewing jewellry making me wanna buy some ;)

    1. haha you should grab some jewellery too :)

  11. Love the funky jewels. Specially the necklace :)

  12. Drooling over the necklace!! It's lovely <3


  13. All the pieces are stunning especially the ring. You look cute wearing them. :)


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