Press Release: The Polo Lounge Launches Live Barbecue


This season, The Polo Lounge is set to introduce for the first time ever, a limited edition live outdoor barbecue setting and menu, starting from the 14th of February 2015. 

The Polo Lounge Launches Live Barbecue
The Polo Lounge Interior
The chefs at The Polo Lounge have designed the barbecue menu to take patrons on a global culinary journey, with influences from the char grilled barbeque styles of the Sub Continent, the Far East, the Middle East and Europe. To that end, barbecue platters such as the Polo Lounge Cumin and Pepper Poisson is reminiscent of the fusion of flavors from the Far East, the Lebanese Platter with Lamb Kebabs and Saffron marinated Chicken takes patrons to the streets of Beirut, the char grilled Chicken with Basil and Cherry tomatoes speaks heavily of the South of Italy and the traditional char grilled steak pays homage to the simple American style of barbecue. To accompany each barbecue style, the Polo Lounge chefs have further created a fine selection of side orders such as char grilled Broccoli, Red Pepper and Garlic and Orange infused Green Beans
The Polo Lounge Char grilled chicken with Basil, Cherry Tomatoes in Lemon Butter Sauce
The Polo Lounge Cumin and Pepper Poisson -The Thai Way
Speaking about the launch of the new char grilled Barbeque menu at The Polo Lounge, managing partner, Aasma Ramday said: “ At The Polo Lounge, our tradition has always been to embrace and interpret the best international culinary styles. The launch of our char grilled barbeque menu is an extension of this philosophy within a limited edition time frame. We were also encouraged to introduce this menu owing to the fact that we are based in one of Lahore’s most coveted locations with a purpose built outdoor area – what better time to celebrate the luxury of dining al fresco, with taste infusions from across the world, than now in Lahore as the city heads towards spring?”
The Polo Lounge Lebanese Platter
Set amongst lush polo fields on both sides, The Polo Lounge was launched in 2002 with the idea of offering a transformative experience to clients with a discerning palette. Since its inception, The Polo Lounge has been offering an oasis of serenity along with quality food right in the center of Lahore. Their cuisine is not limited to a certain type as they offer all sorts of culinary influences to reach a perfect entree. The Polo Lounge also focuses on seasonal influences therefore endeavors to provide clients with a select new menu every season.

For further details visit Facebook page The Polo Lounge.

Press Release: This is a press release sent to me by Lotus PR.

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