Weekly Asks: What's in ur travel bag/purse..????


Hey everyone,

How are u all...?? Well last week we started a new blog segment named  "Tell The Lipstickholic...." Thank u so much for appreciating the segment and participating in it by giving ur answers. So here I am with another question this weekend..

This week's question is.....

What's in your travel bag/purse...????
 My Answer: I usually have 1-2 lipsticks, a gloss, a small brush, a small mirror, kajal, sunglasses and a mini eye liner pencil. Also a pen, a small notebook, a body spray and some cookies or candies... That's a lot of stuff...hehehehe 

Okay so share what makeup/beauty products and other products do u always carry in ur travel bag or purse...

Will be waiting to read your replies... :)

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  1. A lipstick, mirror, kajal pencil, n presses powder, if I am in proper makeup :)

  2. One or two lipsticks, bb cream, mirror, pressed powder and sunglasses

  3. It's all just makeup, because I'm always late :D. If I'm all dolled up then I hardly keep anything in my travel bag!

  4. a lip balm, powder, planner, pen, mobile charger and ipad! loved this post :)

  5. pressed powder, deo, Cell phone, wallet, notepad, pen, wipes and lipbalm/lipgloss. Interesting topic :)

    1. Thanks for ur reply Javeria and welcome to the blog :)

  6. So late in answering but hey! It's never too late.. I usually keep all my makeup with me because I don't apply makeup while traveling. So once I am about to reach my destination, my weirdness starts. I have to deal with raised eyebrows and some under the lips smiiles :D other than that one small wet hand towel, a pen, a planner, my phone, sunglasses, wallet, my lovely Cuadalie face mist and ipad. Some type of moisturiser is a must.

    1. Yes dear its never too late... Wooo thats a long list.. Thanks for sharin :)


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