The Versatile Blogger Award....!!!


Hey there lovelies,

Hope you all are doing great. Sorry for being less active on the blog these days it's because I have a lot of pending uni work to do plus was not feeling too well last days may be because of the weather. But well, I'll be actively posting again soon... :)

Ok, so coming to this post.... I was nominated by one of my sweetest fellow blogger, bia of THE BEAUTY FINDS for the versatile award. This is my second blog award in just 4 months and this one is again from "The Beauty Finds". Oh... you won my heart again bia. Thank you soooo much nominating me again :-)

Versatile Blogger Award

The best thing about this award is, once you get nominated, you become the winner. No judgement, no voting...yayyyy...!!! Now as per rules, I have to tell 7 interesting facts about me in this post and then nominate 15 bloggers for this award.

Seven Interesting Facts About Me:

Hmm so here are seven interesting/random facts about me.

1. My personality test says am a nurturer and yes that's true. I care a lot for people around me. Protect them and try to help them in every possible way.

2. I love and admire nail art a lot but I have very short nails, very very short... It's hereditary. My Mom has short nails too. That's the reason you will be seeing very less Nail-related posts.

3. Am a thinker but not a dreamer. I think a lot... and really a lot, about everything, including life, studies, my blog...and many other things. But yes, it's logical thinking of course.... haha

4. Am a very good listener and yes a speaker too. I have always been a good presenter during uni. Am always ready to listen to my friends and family and that's why most of them easily share their problems with me and I try to help and advise them. Well, this is a good thing specially when my field is HRM (human resource management).

5. Am very sensitive and emotional. I won't say am a cry baby but yes I can't hold back my tears when I get hurt. However, it's very rare that I cry in front of anyone. For the outer world, am a completely changed strong and bold girl.

6. I like to spend time alone rather than being surrounded by a lot of people. It gives me more pleasure and satisfaction. It's not like am sociophobic. I love parties, gatherings and outdoor fun and I enjoy such things a lot. But yes, nothing is better than sitting comfortably at home alone or with family and relaxing. :)

7.  And the last thing is I am a warm, generous and dependable girl. Totally trustworthy and a very good friend :)

That's all.... I hope you liked all the facts that I mentioned. Whether it's good or bad, strong or weak, I am just ME...and I love being Me :)

My Nominations:

Time for my nominations .... Trying to nominate those who haven't been nominated

  1. Hina from Hina Mohammad's blog
  2. Farah from Beauti Blingz
  3. Anna from Anna Makeup Blog
  4. Sadee from Sadeestyle Beauty and Fashion Blog
  5. Zubia from The Bedside Dreams Diary
  6. Aruba from Arb's blog
  7. Shafaq from The Girlz Gallery
  8. Jay bee from JayBee's Journal
  9. Kiran from Kiran's Beauty Book
  10. Laila from The Happy Therapy 
  11. Hira and Maria from The Sisters Go Shopping
  12. Faryums from Curls and Cookies
  13. Haniya from Nail Mania
  14. Nida from Glitter Smitter
  15. Shinaaya from Intensify Beauty Blog

I will be waiting for your answers girls. Once again, am thankful to Bia of The Beauty Finds for this award... :)

Don't forget to leave your comments :)


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  1. Congrats Huda.
    So we now know a liitle more of you as a person <3
    Have a blessed day!!

  2. <3 You are love, Huda! <3 I will come to you for counseling. :P

  3. Congrats! :D You have such a beautiful persona! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Aww that's such a sweet compliment from a sweet girl :) Thanks

  4. You are a lovely girl Huda! I can totally related with the point of staying cozy at home instead of partying all night haha. Thanks for nominating me love! x

    1. Aww thats so sweet of u Zubia.. :) Oh glad to know we relate to each other on this...

  5. congrats huda. ist really nice to know about you :)

  6. Awww nice one :)

  7. Thankyou for nominating Huda. It was good to read about you :)

  8. congratsssss deserved this award and its really nice to know you more...xoxoxo...:)

  9. Congratulations!
    I'm already following you

  10. thank you for nomination dear and loved reading about you :)

  11. Many many congratulations to u 👍


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