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Hey beauties,

Hope you all are doing well. Here I am with my first Tag post on my blog. I was tagged by a sweet fellow blogger of mine "Sana" from "Makeupoholics". Thanks Sana for tagging me and inviting me to share my thoughts too :)

Now let me tell you how this "Tag" actually works. I have to answer a few questions and then nominate a few bloggers to complete the Tag. This is my first Tag post and I'd like to thank Sana once again for tagging me. Now this is what I love about blogging, there's always something new to know, share and experience :D

Well, time to answer the questions. I hope you all enjoy my replies ....

Bad Beauty Habit:

Hmm....I touch my hair a lot. I know it's bad but I can't just control it and I touch my hair quite a lot, may be because I love my hair ;) hehehe...

Beauty Secret to add this year:

This year am going to spend some money on RT brushes IA :) And yes, one more important thing that I am going to do is, focusing more on my skincare routine. I spend more money on cosmetics than on skincare products. But this year am also planning to establish and follow an effective skincare routine too.

Last Year's Beauty Favorites:

Am I the only lazy blogger in the circle who hasn't shared her favorites post for 2013..?? lol.. Well I started blogging just 3 months back so I thought it would be a little too early to write a "favorites" post for a whole year. But here you can have a quick look at few of my favorite products from the past year.

Beauty/Body Goals for 2014:

For body goals, I'll try to include some sort of exercise in my daily routine. It can be anything from a daily walk to cycling or something even more just for strength and to keep myself active. As for beauty goals, again I'll follow some skincare regime strictly. I'll also try a few desi or natural remedies/totkas such as home made masks and rosewater spray and will later share the results with you all too.

Last Year's Biggest Fashion Mistake/Regrets:

Well I ordered one Essence foundation online and the shade was a mismatch. Also, I ruined a few of my dresses by sending the tailor wrong measurements, uhhh that was so silly of me. Oh and yes I went for a haircut just a day before a special event and the haircut was a DISASTER, that girl chopped my hair so roughly and gave me very short front bangs...which were impossible to deal with the next day on the function . I guess I should have went for the haircut a bit earlier. My fault...!!! No problem, this is how we all learn, don't we... ???

This Year's Fashion Trend Predictions:

Well this year the same bold brows and bold lips trend will remain in. Talking about fashion and clothing, I really hope and wish that "Churidars" and "Long shirts" remain in this year too. Although I was in love with the patiala shalwar and short shirts trend but I love long shirts and churidars even more now as they seem very elegant and classy.

This Year's Fashion Must-Have:

This year...
  • Sharpen your eye pencils and brow pencils as you will be using them a lot.
  • Have pretty bold lip colors (Pinks, Orange, Fuchsia) in stock.
  • Don't forget to buy a few colorful floral tights/ leggings.

Last Year's Happiest Moment/ Biggest Achievement:

Well, the happiest moments are yet to come. But last year my biggest achievement was to score A in all my subjects and scoring 4 GPA (100%) in my final semester. That really was a big achievement for me and am so thankful to Allah for blessing me with this success. Hoping for more achievements and much happier moments this year IA...

Last Year's Biggest Challenge:

2013 was full of challenges for me, completing my thesis, so much of work load and many other things. But a main challenge for me was starting my own beauty blog and making it popular. I don't know if I have succeeded in wining the hearts of my readers or not, but I am trying my best and am satisfied (Alhamdulillah) that I managed to build a reasonable followership for my blog in such short span of time. Hoping for much much more this year... :)

Any Advice For 2014:

Yes, this advice is not only for all my followers/readers who are reading this post, but is also something for me too. I read this somewhere and loved it...

"Forget the bad, focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for those who don't. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living..... "

Live happily and Stay blessed :)

I would like to Tag the following bloggers to complete this post... (Trying to tag those who have not been tagged yet )

Aruba from Arb's Beauty Blog
Anila from Anila Faruk Beauty Blog
Sadia from Sadia Malik's Blog
Shafaq from The Girl's Gallery
Samra from Samra's Beauty Blog
Zubia from The Bedside Dreams Diary

Okay I think that's enough for now...

Hope you all liked my answers, will be waiting for your answers girls.... :)

Don't forget to leave your comments on my first "Tag Post"


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  1. Glad to know about u, much love <3 hope u get time soon to complete my tag posts lolz. But soo as this is fun.

    1. Thanks hun :) yeah wish you luck for your tag posts....Hahaha .. Will be waiting for your answers

  2. enjoyed reading ur ans dear .. n my pleasure :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the answers... This was fun :D

  3. Congrats on that 4 GPA Huda! :D *claps* and I hope tooo that churidars and long shirts remain in style!

  4. I did the tag today as well...
    Wow a 4 GPA is amazing! Liked reading your answers! :)
    I pray that your blog gains alot of success! :)

  5. I love to read posts like this....I am new here so I love to know about other bloggers.....xoxoxoxo...:D

  6. love reading it .. dont forget to check my fb page guyz there is a poll going on ...ur vote or comment will be appreciated :)

    1. Thanks dea.. :) Oh will check your blog poll soon..

  7. As usual phenomenal post! You are a champion!
    I can see that you love what you are doing!
    Thanks for posting! Love you :-*

    I show 20 ideas for hairstyles DIY - maybe you'll find something for yourself? ;-)

    Katherine Unique

    1. Hey Katherine...that is sooo sweet of you... Thanks for the lovely comment... Yes I checked your DIY posts and you are doing great... :)

  8. I loved your blog
    Great post

    Please visit:

    1. Hey thanks Rita..don't forget to follow the blog to stay connected...

  9. Loved this tag! Congrats on your 4.0 GPA and your thesis! Those are so hard! I too have to spend a little less on cosmetics and more on skin care. I have definitely been slacking off. Loved reading this tag :)



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