Subtle Red/Orange Ombre Lips Tutorial


Hey there beauties...

Ombre lips are very eye-catching and attractive. I like creating different lip looks. Therefore, I decided to do a tutorial today on a subtle red ombre lip. Intense ombre lips are not wearable so am going to use a deep red and a coral/orange lip color to create a subtle ombre lip. So let's begin....

Subtle Red & Orange Ombre Lips
All You need for this look is:
  • A red lip liner (am using essence lip liner in femme fatale)
  • Your favorite red lipstick (am using diana surprise lipstick in red rose)
  • One coral/orange lipstick (am using NYX round lipstick in femme)
  • A lip brush (optional)

Now here is the step by step tutorial:
  1.  Outline your lips using the red lip liner. The line does not necessarily has to be precise. 
  2. Outline the lips
  3. Now fill in the edges of the lips with the same lip pencil. Focus only on the outer part and leave the mid part.
  4. Fill the corners with the same liner
  5. Now using a lip brush apply the red lipstick on the outer part of the lips over the red liner. Again, leave the center of the lips bare.
  6. Apply red lipstick above the liner
  7. Now dab some orange/coral lipstick in the center and you are done. Blend any harsh lines and top with a lip gloss for added glamor and shine. Here is the final look:
Red & Orange Ombre Lips

Red & Orange Ombre Lips
I have tried to keep the look subtle and wearable. You can make it as intense and dramatic as you like. Use different monochromatic colors and create different looks. You can try different combinations such as red with plum, pink and gold lip color.

That's all for now. Hope you like this look. Don't forget to leave your comments.

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