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Hey girls,

Hope you all have been great. Today am going to review one of my newly tried skin care product which is "Jergens Fair & Soft Fairness Moisturizer". I purchased this about three months ago and have been using it a lot this winter. So, I think it's the perfect time to share my thoughts on this product with you.

Jergens Fair & Soft Fairness Moisturizer

There is nothing much to talk about the packaging of the product. This moisturizer comes in those typical squeeze bottle. I wish the bottle had a pump on it so it would be easier to have the right amount of product on hand. I think the larger bottle (400 ml ) comes with a pump. Therefore, if you prefer a pump bottle you can pick the one that comes with a pump.

Jergens Fair & Soft Fairness Moisturizer
Jergen claims that this moisturizer is designed to soften the skin, remove tanned and dead skin and make the complexion lighter in 6 weeks. I bought this moisturizer in a 200 ml bottle just to try it. This moisturizer is made in UAE. On the back of the bottle you can see the list of ingredients.

Jergens Fair & Soft Fairness Moisturizer Ingredients

The consistency of this moisturizer is very thick almost similar to any facial cream. I bought this moisturizer few months ago but didn't use it a lot because of it's thick consistency. But when the season changed, I started using this regularly in winters and began to like it. I have dry/combination skin and now this moisturizer has become a part of my daily skin care routine.

Jergens Fair & Soft Fairness Moisturizer Consistency

In winters my dry/combination skin needs a heavier moisturizer and this one provides enough moisture to my skin without making it look greasy. However, people with oily skin might find this a bit heavy and greasy. A little amount of this moisturizer is enough. When I apply this on my face/skin, it feels a bit heavy for the first few minutes but then it absorbs well into the skin and my skin looks fresh and radiant.

Jergens Fair & Soft Fairness Moisturizer applied
Jergens Fair & Soft Fairness Moisturizer blended

I think this moisturizer is great for winters and it is so so so affordable. I cannot really comment on the fairness claim this moisturizer makes. I have been using it regularly for over a month now and didn't notice any change in my complexion. However, my skin does look radiant and smooth after using it. This moisturizer really softens the skin and hydrates the skin well. I have been using this regularly on my face too and luckily it didn't give me any breakouts....great :)

Final Thoughts: So my final thoughts on this moisturizer are that it is a great moisturizer in such an affordable price so you should give it a try. If you have dry/combo skin, this will work well for you. It makes the skin smooth and soft, but use only a little amount or else it can feel heavy on the skin. Those with oily skin might not like it. I cannot really tell whether it lightens the complexion or not, but I personally think no moisturizer can do that. However, the skin feels radiant and smooth after applying it.

Price and Availability: I bought this 200 ml bottle for PKR 190 from a local cash and carry. Jergens range of skin care products are available on all leading stores in Islamabad. Jergens fair and soft fairness moisturizer is also available at beautyarena and just4girls.

Have you tried the Jergens range of skin care products? Don't forget to leave your comments.

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  1. I love my Jergens overnight repair :)

  2. I have used this moisturiser in last winters. It's simply awesome :)

    1. Yes Monaal it is.. Don't forget to join the blog :)

    2. hehehe oh sorry ...Thanks Menal, nice name :)

  3. wow seems like a great bargain .. def gonna check it dear ♡♡

  4. i was about to buy this moisturizer but i didnot.... and choose nivea natural fairness instead ( which i have been using for the past 3 months and has suited my skin nicely).....
    now i wonder if i should've given it a try....
    is nivea natural fairness better then jergins fair and soft?? any thoughts would be appreiated

    1. I wrote this review about 3 years back and I would say yes you picked the right one. Nivea is better than Jergens

  5. I've been using nivea natural fairness for ages but noticed it started darkening my complexion, I want to give jergens a trial.


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