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Hey there beauties,

So finally it's November and winter is here and I hope you all must b enjoying this winter and the cold weather. Today I decided to write my first beauty guide/tips post and it is going to be about winters and skin care.

Combating the dry skin is mostly a problem for everyone in winters. People with oily skin face skin problems in summers but for girls like me who have dry/combination skin, winters bring a lot of skin issues. Dry skin makes your skin look dull. Here are a few tips that can help you in keeping your skin fresh and lively in winters.

Few of my winters skin care products

Change your skin care routine

The first thing you need to do is to completely change your skin care routine. As you change your wardrobe in winters similarly you need to change your whole skin care routine. It is important especially for those with very dry skin. Skip, the regular moisturizers that you use through out the year and get a new one specially for winters. Change your exfoliating routine and also choose a different daily facial wash/cleanser in winters. Choose the one's that are soap free and use cream cleansers. Use a hydrating toner. It is important to do this because in summers your skin is more greasy/oily, not that dry and needs different kind of products but in winters it needs more hydrating and moisturizing products.

Moisturize, moisturize and  moisturize.....

Moisturizing your skin is important through out the year. I always like to use a moisturizer before applying makeup no matter it's winter or summer. But yes when talking about winters using a moisturizer is a MUST. In winters it is very important to use a good moisturizer not only before applying makeup or washing/cleansing your face and body, but also use a good night time moisturizer. Our skin repairs itself at night when we are asleep. Therefore, using a moisturizer before going to bed helps the skin stay hydrated and healthy. I normally don't like using creams rather I prefer using lotions. However, I like the "Garnier skin naturals light cream with SPF 15" but I feel it does not provide enough moisture for winters. "Vaseline total moisture" is my favorite to use in winters.  You can choose any cream/lotion which suits you well.

Exfoliate Well 

In winters when the skin is dry and patchy you need to exfoliate the skin regularly so that the dead skin is removed. Exfoliating not only unclog your pores but also removes the dead skin cells from your skin. But remember over exfoliation can make your skin worse and more dry.  If you have sensitive skin it's better to use a mild exfoliator with micro-beads that is not harsh on your skin. Use your finger tips to gently rub the exfoliator on skin. Apply your favorite moisturizer right after exfoliating the skin to prevent dryness. I love the St Ives range of scrubs. I suggest trying their "apricot scrub" or you may use the "St Ives gentle scrub" if you have sensitive skin.

Don't forget the lip balms

Using the lip balm is one most important thing. In winters the lips become more dry and chapped so use a lip balm and keep one in your bag so that you can reapply whenever you need to.  Also don't forget to use any lip exfoliator to get rid of dead lip cells. After scrubbing your lips apply any lip balm that you like. You can try "EOS lip balms" in any flavor you like or you may choose the "labello lip balms" as they are budget friendly and easy to carry around.

Makeup for dry skin

Apart from taking care of your skin in winters you can use makeup to look fresh. But it is important to use the right type of products. Use a hydrating primer before applying the foundation. In winters it is better to use a liquid foundation with satin/glowy finish or use a cream foundation. If you have dry skin don't use mattifying foundations in winter and skip the powders. I suggest trying "Revlon photoready foundation" or you may also try the "color studio pro luminous foundation" for a lighter coverage. If you have dry skin cream blush is going to work the best for you. At the end use a good moisturizing lipstick. There are number of moisturizing lip tints and balms available now a days. Try them.

 Drink plenty of water

And last but not the least drinking plenty of water is very important. In winters increase your amount of fluids intake to prevent dryness and have glowing skin. I usually reduce my water intake in winters which is bad i know. But, it's true that drinking plenty of water helps helps your skin stay hydrated and fresh. Also, eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Oranges or citrus fruits are great source of Vitamin C and they help keeping your skin stay fresh. So eat loads of oranges this winter.

I hope these tips will be helpful for all of you. If you have any other tips that are beneficial for skin care in winters feel free to share them in your comments. Here is a cup of coffee along with my favorite chocolate that i was enjoying. This is what i love in winters.... :)


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