Review: Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Colors


Hey girls,

Today i'll be reviewing the famous lipsticks by Wet n Wild. Yes, am talking about the "wet n wild megalast lip colors" which i mentioned in my recent haul post here. I bought two shades "Rose bud" and "Smokin' hot pink".

Wet n Wild Mega last lip colors in "Rosebud and Smokin hot pink"

Wet n Wild Mega last lip colors in "Rosebud and Smokin hot pink"
Both the lipsticks come in black packaging with transparent lid on the top. The lid itself is tight but what i don't like about this lid is that it can become messy very easily. No matter how much i try to keep it clean, the lipstick somehow gets on the lid and makes it messy *Sigh*. So i don't really like the packaging of these lipsticks really.

Wet n Wild Mega last lip colors in Rosebud and Smokin' hot pink
The name of the lip color is mentioned on the bottom. The "smokin' hot pink" doesn't have it's name written on the bottom rather there is a number assigned to it which is 905D. But the name of this shade on internet is smokin'hot pink. While the "Rosebud" has both, the number and the name mentioned on the bottom.

Both the lipsticks are matte in finish. They are very opaque. Just one swipe is enough to get the full color of the lipstick. They are not drying and feel creamy on lips but if you have dry/chapped lips i will recommend you to apply a lip balm before wearing these lipsticks. Their staying power is great and they stay on for more than 4 hours on my lips. Even after the lipstick faded, there was a light outline left on my lips. Here is a arm swatch of both the shades:

Wet n wild Rosebud and Smokin' hot pink swatches
Now coming to the color description. Wet n wild smokin' hot pink (905D) is a bright pink color. It's more like a reddish pink shade and feels very bright on the lips. I am not very happy with this shade because i know i'll be using it very less. Here is the lip swatch of smokin' hot pink:

Wet n Wild Smokin' Hot pink
The other shade rose bud (904B) is a medium pink shade. It appears much lighter like a peachy pink shade in pictures and in the tube but on the face it is also very bright and warm. But still, this is more wearable than the smokin' hot pink in my opinion. Here is how the rosebud looks on lips:

Wet n Wild Rosebud
Overall, i like these lipsticks and like the fact that they have great pigmentation and staying power. The only thing i don't like is the packaging, otherwise they are just great. I bought these from online facebook store Beautyinbudget4u. Smokin' hot pink for Rs 625 and Rosebud for Rs. 550 (on sale).

Have you tried the wet n wild mega last lipsticks? Don't forget to leave your comments and if you like my blog please like The Lipstickholic on Facebook.


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  1. Nice colors.Thanx fr sharing :-)

  2. These are my favorite lipsticks!

  3. i have rose bud! smokin hot pink looks soo pretty haha. didnt know you were from isbd, i am too! :)

    1. hello nayab glad to see you here.... yeah i hv been following ur blog, frm the same city...

  4. Just saw your blog and its great:)
    like the color on your lips especially rose bud..

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!

  5. I love this lipstick :) great swatch

  6. Wow amazing colours :D nice review :) I wish to try these lipsticks :)

    1. These r really very pigmented. You shud definitely try these.. :)

  7. these look so good ...lovely review huda following you <3

    do visit my blog soon xox


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