Review: Labello Fruity Shine Lip Balms in "Strawberry and Cherry"


Hey there,

Winters are here and lip balms are a "must have" product for everyone in winters. I love tinted lip balms and have tried many different. Today am going to review the "Labello fruity shine lip balms" in two shades "strawberry" and "cherry"...yummm!!! Am reviewing these because i use them almost everyday. They are popular lip balms and are easily available here and also they are budget friendly.

I use lip balm not only in winters but in every season, almost daily. Whether am going out or am at home, they are essential in my daily skin care/makeup routine. Lip balms feel much more comfortable on lips and tinted lip balms provide a very sheer natural tint of color to the lips which i love. These lip balms are great and my favorite daily lip balms. I bought strawberry last year and loved it so much. Then, few months back i bought one more in cherry flavor and love it too.

So let's start the review. These lip balms come in a plastic tube similar to those typical chapsticks packaging. There is enough quantity of balm inside the tube. The packaging is nice and simple. It's small and handy. The cap of the tube is tight. I keep one in my bag and one in my drawer. These lip balms come in different colors. Each lip balm tube has color similar to the actual color of the balm inside.

I have this in two shades,strawberry and cherry. The shade "cherry" is a deeper pink kind of shade, like the original cherry color. It's sheer and has fruity scent in it. The shade "strawberry" is more towards the red side. It's a sheer red/orange lip balm. The color is similar to the color of packaging. I feel that shade cherry is more pigmented than strawberry. However, i love both of them. Here are the lip swatches of these lip balms.

Labello fruity shine Strawberry
Labello fruity shine Cherry
Both of the lip balms are moisturizing and make my lips feel smooth. I won't say that they are the most hydrating lip balms ever, but they are decent and moisturize the lips enough. From the swatches you can see that they do bleed a bit, but that's not a big issue. The staying power of these balms is quite decent. They stay on the lips for about 1-2 hours and then leave a very light stain on lips. Even after the lip balm disappears from lips, the lips still feel smooth and soft.

So overall, i love these balms.They provide a sheer color to the lips and makes them soft hydrated. If you have dry lips or wanna try a colored lip balm you should get one of these. They are super cheap and are easily available at leading stores( Shaheen, D.watson etc. ) here. I bought mine from D.watson Islamabad for Rs 210 each.

Have you tried the labello fruity shine lip balms? Don't forget to comment and share your thoughts on these.....


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  1. I have strawberry and they hydrate really well but they do bleed a lot!

    1. Yes they have tendency to bleed, but when am at home and relaxing that's not an issue then :)

  2. Hey, I just discovered your blog and I think you're doing great! I too have these lipbalms & love them. x

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams

  3. I'm looking forward to try out these tinted balms from Labello too! Following your blog now! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  4. I looove these lipbalms =) I have one in pomegranate and i think melon and they are amazing =)
    How about following each other?? =)


  5. hey there is there anyone who could tell me where can i find the strawberry one in Belgium , i've been looking for them everywhere but there's none :/

    1. Well I can't really tell about Belgium. Hope you find a reply to your question soon... :)


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