Review: Essence Stay With Me long-lasting lipgloss in "Candy Bar"


Hello girls, Today i have another lip product to share with you which is "Essence Stay With Me long lasting lipgloss" in shade "candy bar". I don't usually buy lip glosses, as am a total lipstick girl but i buy some to keep in my bag or use whenever needed. I am in love with the color of this gloss. I love coral lipsticks and glosses. So today i decided to share my thoughts with you on this lip gloss from essence which i tried recently.

Essence lip gloss candy bar
Essence Stay with me long lasting lip gloss "Candy bar"

Essence lip gloss candy bar 1

Starting off with the packaging it comes in a nice decent packaging. The lid is black and the rest of the container is transparent like usually all the glosses have. As you can see the name is mentioned on a label on the lid. I love the overall look of this gloss. It's cute yet trendy. The gloss comes with a sponge applicator. The shape of the applicator is different from the typical gloss applicators. It's wavy in shape. Here is how it looks.

Essence candy bar applicator
Wavy applicator

Essence candy bar applicator 1
Applicator picks the right amount of color

The applicator just picks the right amount of color that you need to apply on your lips. It's a bit tricky to use if you are using such applicator for the first time but once you get used to it, it's much easier to use. Just place the middle part of the applicator on your lips and apply the gloss. It grabs your lips and provide an even application.

The gloss is very light weight and moisturizing. It doesn't feel sticky at all. This is what i love in this gloss. The gloss tastes and smell like a candy. It feels comfortable on the lip. Even after the color fades, the lips feel hydrated. Overall i am satisfied with it's texture as a gloss especially for the price it's great. 

Now talking about the color of the gloss. The shade that i am reviewing is "Candy bar". It's such a pretty coral shade with some hint of pink in it. The gloss is highly pigmented and the color is just lovely. It will suit almost every skin tone. As for me, i love corals so this is just a perfect coral/pinky gloss. Here are the lip swatches of the essence stay with me candy bar lip gloss. 

Essence stay with me candy bar lip swatch
With flash
Essence candy bar lip swatch
Without flash
Essence candy bar tissue swatch
Tissue swatch

The staying power of the gloss is about 2 hours without eating or drinking which is i think "okay" for a gloss. I will not say it's very long lasting but i have heard some people saying that it does last a bit longer for them. So, i think it varies from person to person. Overall i would say the staying power is still not bad as a gloss.

So, my final words are, if you are are a lip gloss fan then you should not miss this. It's great and for the price you cannot ask more. I bought it online from Just4girls for Rs350 only. Great isn't it? You can also find Essence cosmetics at leading cosmetics/drugstores in Pakistan.

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