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Lipsticks are my love...!!! As i have already mentioned in my previous posts that i love coral lip gloss and lipsticks. So today i am going to share my 5 favorite coral lipsticks with you. They are my favorite because they are unique in color, some are bright other are light and they look nice on lips. Though i don't wear all of these regularly but i love collecting such shades.

Rimmel lasting finish #13, Maybelline color sensational "coral pop", NYX round lipstick "femme", Rimmel moisture renew "soft coral" and Essence urban messages "It peace"
 Favorite coral lipsticks

Here are the arm swatches of all the lipsticks in the same order as mentioned above:

Coral lipsticks swatches 1
Coral lipsticks swatches 2
Left to Right: Rimmel  #13, Maybelline coral pop, NYX femme, Rimmel soft coral, Essence It peace

At extreme left we have the "Rimmel lasting finish lipstick by Kate" and this one is shade #13. It's a pink/orange kind of lipstick which is more towards the pinker side when applied on lips. The lipstick itself is hydrating and creamy. This color is very bright, highly pigmented and it is neon. I rarely use it but this is a nice and unique coral color.

Then next we have the "Maybelline color sensational lipstick" in "coral pop". It is a lovely pale coral color with baby pink tone in it. This is the most wearable coral i have. It appears as a nice light pink/peach shade on lips. The formula of color sensational lipsticks by Maybelline is great and this is such a lovely color. It has no shimmer or glitter in it and the finish is semi matte.

The middle one is a famous coral lipstick. It is the "NYX round lipstick" in shade "Femme". I bought this shade about 2 years ago after reading it's reviews and i like this shade a lot. It's a reddish coral shade. This lipstick is creamy and it has a satin finish. The coverage is opaque and it is highly pigmented. This is not at all an everyday color. I sometime use it to tone down my red lipstick and sometime wear it alone when i want a bright lip look.

Next is "Rimmel moisture renew lipstick" in shade "soft coral". This is my least favorite among the bunch because of the glitter in it. I have included this in my favorites just because of the color of the lipstick. It's again a pinkish peach shade which can be used everyday. It is not very opaque. What i don't like about this lipstick is the chunks of glitter in this lipstick. I don't like any glitter or shimmer in lip products. Otherwise it's a good shade.

The last one is from the "Essence urban messages" collection and the shade is "It peace". This one is very sheer and is very creamy. It feels more like a lip gloss stick than a lipstick. This looks like a bright orange lipstick in the tube but when applied on lips it is a nice glossy coral shade without any glitter/shimmer. Though it's not at all long lasting and staying power is juts like a gloss but i like the way it looks on my lip.

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  1. These are very pretty picks! I love the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks

  2. Lovely Corals... :)
    Thanks for viviting my blog follwoing u do follow too :)

    1. Thanks...glad you liked it..
      yes definitely following... :)


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