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Hey all.....

Welcome to my blog.!!

This is going to be my first blog post so let me tell you a bit about myself. Am a simple Pakistani girl who has just finished her MBA. I love good music, good food but yes MAKEUP is what I love the most. It all started when I was in my early teens and I started loving and buying nail enamels and lip balms. With passage of time my passion for makeup grew more and more. What I love the most in makeup products is lipstick. I am a true lipstick hoarder. To show my love for lipsticks, I have named this blog "The Lipstickholic.

I started reading international and national beauty blogs about 4 years back to know about latest makeup collections, new trends in makeup and to read makeup reviews. Reading all those blogs inspired me to start my own makeup blog. Because of my busy schedule during studies I wasn't able to start one. But now as I have got time and passion for it, so here I am with my very own blog... Yaaaaaayy !!!!

Here I will be reviewing makeup products, and yes especially lipsticks. You will also find fashion and lifestyle related posts, makeup tutorials, beauty guides and much more.

Hope you will love reading my posts and will provide me with constructive feedback :)

Love,The Lipstickholic

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